Policies and Procedure

Staccato warrants that Staccato-constructed guns are initially fabricated liberated from deserts in material, workmanship and mechanical capacity. For the lifetime of the gun, Staccato consents to address any deformity in the gun by fix, change or substitution, at Staccato’s choice, with the equivalent or tantamount quality parts (or by supplanting the guns at Staccato’s choice).

This restricted guarantee is invalid and void if the gun has been abused, harmed (unintentionally or in any case), shot with inappropriate ammo, discharged with a deterrent in the barrel, harmed through inability to give sensible and fundamental support, or then again if unapproved fix or modification has been performed on the gun. This restricted guarantee doesn’t matter to typical mileage of any parts.

Dependent upon the prior, this restricted guarantee gives the option to have the covered gun or its parts fixed, changed or supplanted only upon the proprietor. No inferred guarantees of any sort are made thus and this guarantee doesn’t matter to any adornment things connected or appurtenant to the gun. In no occasion will Staccato be responsible for any accidental or important harms emerging from or regarding this restricted guarantee.

Guarantee Return Procedure

Stage 1: Contact Staccato through our site here. An agent from Staccato will assist you with investigating the issue to check whether there are any basic causes that can be handily cured without returning your gun for fix. For instance: appropriate oil, cleaning and support, Recoil Spring, or ammunition related issues.

Stage 2: If the delegate decides your gun ought to be returned for fix a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and Pre-Paid Shipping Label will be created. Except if in any case exhorted, make certain to remember the total gun for expansion to all parts and magazines related with shooting your gun. When delivery guarantee to compose the RMA number outwardly of the bundle and remember documentation depicting the issue for detail. Except if in any case prompted DO NOT take your gun to a FFL to be delivered, yet rather take to an endorsed transporting focus.

Please Note Damage because of inappropriate bundling isn’t covered under guarantee.

Stage 3: Once your gun is gotten we will assess and test shoot to check the issues being capable. Test fire will incorporate a mix of 50 rounds of empty focuses and full metal coat adjusts.

Stage 4: If we can’t check or copy the issue, then, at that point, you will be answerable for the expense of reach time, ammunition and transportation. This will be charged as a level expense of $150.00.

Stage 5: If we can’t confirm the issue during review and test fire you can demand that we return to the reach to test fire once more. Each extra test fire will be a charge of $50.00. This incorporates the expense of ammunition and work. The subsequent test fire will be recorded and a duplicate got back with your gun.

If whenever we experience any breakdowns during test terminating you won’t be answerable for any charges.